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Q: What makes us different from other transportation companies in the area?

A: Alabaster Box Charter focuses on providing an individual service practice by:

  • Transporting in luxury SUVs that cater to groups of 1-6 and provide a private car experience;

  • We work closely with our guests to determine their desired outcome; working within our suggested tour routes or tailoring to their specific desires;

  • Employ drivers that carry a personal heart-felt passion and conviction toward service and natural inclination of guest sensitivity and anticipating their needs.

  • A dedicated commitment to training of our driving team, ensuring they embrace our service convictions, have a strong knowledge of our region, meet the safety driving requirements mandated by the California Utility Commission

  • Our service philosophies are founded on conviction of principles practice for over 25 years in the 4/5 AAA Five Diamond Luxury Resort Management

  • Our team members take their cue from our guests to provide full concierge service, or to simply follow their lead.


Q:  What commitment do we make to ensure the safety of passengers?

A: Daily inspections are conducted on vehicles, and routinely serviced according to the recommendations and requirements of the Make of the vehicle to ensure safe operation of our vehicles.  An OnStar subscription is maintained as support in the event of an emergency.  All drivers meet the requirements of the California Utility Commission including enrollment in the DMV Pool Notification program and random drug and alcohol testing;


Q: What types of vehicle(s) do we use to provide these services?

A: Because we concentrate on travel comfort and a personal service experience, our vehicles do not exceed 7 passengers.  Utilizing the GMC Yukon LX and similar luxury SUV vehicles that are conducive to safe travel and ease of maneuvering through our country roads and natural rural terrain encountered in many areas of the wine country.


Q: What areas do you service?

A:  Alabaster Box Charter encompasses the majority of its travel services within the San Luis Obispo County; concentrating on Paso Robles and it’s surrounding areas.   In addition, we provide services to key airports including Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and San Jose International.


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