A Ride on the Wild Side

Experience and gather a taste for the lost art of foraging.  Lead by one of San Luis Obispo County's recognized forager; Chef Eric Olson will introduce you to the county's microclimates and history of this wildcraft.   Learn to identify, harvest and taste of the abundant properties our planet organically produces.  Gain an understanding of the medicinal elements and health benefits afforded through natural herbs, weeds, and buds as well as the spiritual properties of white sage and mugwort used by Native Americans and locals for years purposed towards spiritual cleansing and inducing dreams.  

Chef Eric shares his culinary use of these found treasures as well as recipes that make up healing elixirs.  This four hour excursion is guaranteed to be unique every time and of course the seasonality has a very distinctive impact on the treasures encountered.  

Day Trips

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