Oil & Honey

This four hour excursion explores a different twist on Central Coast tasting and enjoy the other fruits of our region.  Dedicated local farmers and Beekeepers are producing award winning products.  Let us introduce you to some of the leaders in their field who are passionate about sharing what they do.  Our stops along the way may include Jack Creek Farms, SLO Honey, Kiler Ridge Olive Farm , Pasolivo and other local farm.  This tour is scheduled Thursday through Monday.

Honey:  As journalist Hannah Nordhaus writes in her 2011 book, The Beekeeper’s Lament, Honeybees... “are the glue that holds our agricultural system together.” Or simply put, they are responsible for 1 out of every 3 mouthfuls of food you eat. It is no wonder bee farming has naturally weaved its way into one of the many sustainable passions and practices of the Central Coast.

Olive Oil: Through the introduction of the California table olive America has become the 3rd largest consumer world wide of  table olives and olive oil behind Italy and Spain. Our central coast climate and chalky soil are ideal for growing olives and many of our farms follow sustainable farming practices, maintaining thousands of olive trees of various varietals.

Day Trips

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