Pricing & Terms

                                                                  Per Hour Rate                                            Minimum Hours

Weekday Rate:                                              $75                                                               3-hours

Weekend Rate:                                              $85                                                              3-hours

Holiday/Festival Weekend Rate:                $95                                                              4-hours

                                                                  (Rate covers 1-6 passengers)

Weekdays run Monday - Thursday

Weekends run Friday - Sunday

Airport Transport:  We service Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey & San Jose Airports.  Airport transportation starts at $190.00 but varies by airport.  Please call for a firm price quote.


Deposit and Payments:  Alabaster Box Charter will take a $100.00 non-refundable deposit at time of booking to secure your reservation.  This deposit will be applied as a credit to your final bill.  The balance of your estimated billing will be taken 10-days prior to your date of reservation.  When reserving within the 10-day window, full payment for the contracted transportation will be taken at the time of reservation and is at that time non-cancellable and non-refundable. Alabaster Box Charter accepts all major credit cards and cash for payment.  Entrance fees, parking fees, tolls or tasting fees are not included in our pricing.


Cancellations:  Reservations are cancellable up to 10-days prior to the date of transport.  If for any reason you cancel your reservation inside the 10-day cancellation window you forfeit all deposits and fees.  When reserving within the 10-day window the reservation is considered non-cancellable and full payment for the contracted transportation will not be refunded.


Time Delays:  Alabaster Box Charter is not responsible for time delays on behalf of you or your guest(s).  Your time begins at the time you have scheduled /contracted our time of arrival.  Please note that your delays have the potential of effecting our next scheduled commitment.  In the event your delays cause an extension beyond the scheduled/contracted departure time billing will incur at the hourly rate of $90.00 billable in half hour increments ($45.00).


Gratuities:  A 20 % gratuity will be billed to the credit card on file at the completion of transport.  This gratuity is provided directly to your driver for their care and service.


Pet Policy:  To preserve the experience of our guests who may suffer from pet allergies or sensitive to pet dander we do not transport pets in our vehicles.

Day Trips

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